The magic of age

I’m transported to a wonder world of age – where age doesn’t come in the form of wrinkles and gray hair, but in the magic of the forts and temples around India.  Busy working on the descriptions of recent shoots, I found a bit of history: the world of battles, emperors, sultans and shrines.  A world much too old for me to imagine.

Perhaps that’s part of the journey… the part your imagination plays.  Because nobody’s pictures or video will convey their journey.  It’s a slice of life, and until you’ve been there – not a slice of life which you can associate with – but we can admire, dream and participate.  While we have the wonder of the net – do enjoy the old world with us, as we journey through the temples & forts of Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Chittorgarh fort in the southeast of Rajasthan, India

Jagdish Temple : One of the famous temples of Udaipur

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