City of Joy

Finding authentic Bengali cuisine in Delhi, is hard – dishes like Prawn Malai Curry, Chicken Kobiraji, MocharGhonto, Pabdar Tel Jhal, DoiIllish and KachaAmer chutney. But I find one Bengali restaurant between Chittaranjan Park, commonly known as the mini Kolkata in Delhi, and Alaknanda in South Delhi. The name of this restaurant is ‘City of Joy’.


I planned a shoot to show others how different kinds of Bengali cuisines are cooked. A three member team, including myself to delight ourselves in true Bengali food for an afternoon.


When we reached ‘City of Joy’ manager of the restaurant welcomed us with his full staff. The ambience of the restaurant is complete experience and feels like I’m in Kolkata. The walls are full of pictures of legendary Bengali personalities like Satyajit Ray, Uttam – Suchitra, Feluda and his team, Kishore Kumar together with photographs of historic monuments like Howrah Bridge, New Market, Victoria Memorial, Howrah station and more of the landmarks of Kolkata during the 1930’s and 1940’s.


We moved to the kitchen of the restaurant and began our shoot of traditional Bengali dishes. The first dish that they made was Pabda Tel Jhaal. He showed us the whole process of the making of Pabda Tel Jhal. After completion of Pabda Tel Jhaal, we moved onto the second dish of Prawn Malai curry. Prawn Malai curry is one of my favourite Bengali dishes. I was awaiting for the completion of the dish and couldn’t stop myself from tasting it. The Prawn Malai curry was amazing and it tasted delicious.


For the rest of the cuisines they changed the cook. He cooked Diamond fish fry, Bhetki fish and Chicken Kobiraji. We filmed the whole process of making all these dishes: the preparation, cooking and final product. It was really hard to stop myself from tasting the dishes as they were preparing it.


After the completion of the shoot, the manager invited us for lunch. And after missing Bengali dishes for a long time, I ate so many delicious Bengali cuisines.  I would like to visit City of Joy restaurant once again not for professional purposes, but as customer to taste some other Bengali cuisines.

Bengali cuisine – Prawn malai curry

Learn how to make Bengali cuisine – Pabda Tel Jhaal

See how Diamond fish fry is made, Bengali-style

Learn how Bengalis cook their fish

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