The blues music of Meghalaya

As we head out to film another music event, No! It’s not a concert this time! It’s a small musical event at Naga restaurant known as “Dzukou, the tribal kitchen” at Hauz Khas market. Guess who’s the performer?


Let me reveal the secret!


She is a vocalist of famous music band ‘Soulmate’ from Shillong Tipriti Kharbangar also known as TIPS, who made a name in India performing solo accompanied by only the guitarist Kapil Chetri.


As we reached the location, what caught our attention was a huge painting of Naga women standing in traditional attire. The picture is so serene that anyone who sees will fall in love with it. The ambience was cool and the star of the event, Tipriti was having light refreshments before starting the show. We were introduced to her through the event director, Mary.


The musical evening at Dzukou Naga kitchen started somewhere after 8 pm, we arrived an hour earlier before the schedule in order to set up our camera location. We began to set up the location and thereon started filming. As time pass, many people started coming in. Many of her friends came and cheer, as she continues singing the blues. Guitarist Kapil Chetri who is also a famous guitarist from Nagaland accompanied her throughout the event. During the performance of at least two hours, the restaurant bar was open and every visitor went and grabbed their favorite drinks.


The blue music from hills of Meghalaya mesmerized the crowd. Everyone started saying “Once more!” at the end of the performance!

TIPS was a perfect treat to all the visitors and music lovers.

After the show got over, the party was not over! Everyone stayed back to watch FIFA World cup together at the restaurant between Belgium and Russia.


The show was awesome, many loved ones turn up and there was mixture of people from various parts of the states including some foreign tourists.

Anyone can visit Dzukou Facebook page for various events of the restaurant and also if anyone wants to try out Naga cuisine, one can visit and have a try! Dzukou – The tribal kitchen is located at E-22, 3rd floor, Hauz Khas Market, New Delhi.

Tipriti Kharbangar and Kapil Chetri at Dzukou restaurant, Delhi

Finest female singer from Shillong Tipriti Kharbanger (TIPS)

Guitarist Kapil Chetri along with TIPS (Tipriti Kharbangar)

Tipriti Kharbangar wows Delhi at Dzukou Restaurant


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