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For most of us music is part of our daily lifestyle. If you look anywhere on the Metro you’ll see most of the commuters listening to something – music becomes the rhythm to your day, the reminder of good, bad and better times and it becomes a way to drown out the noise of the everyday life.

While for us, music is used to drown out the daily life – Rag Virag found it to be energetic and inspirational.  Rag Virag, a non-profitable registered organization presented the Duet Dance Festival in New Delhi, earlier this year. The Rag Virag is devoted to preservation, promotion & dissemination of arts and universal cultural values and humanism.  The main highlights of the evening were Punita Sharma and Eun Jung Kim, the two versatile performers: Punita Sharma is a well-known classical Kathak dancer and later is a Korean who have excelled in Indian classical dance.

Spectacular group Kathak dance by the disciples of Punita Sharma

Impressive Kathak Duo by Punita Sharma and Eun Jung Kim

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