AngamiKrotho Delhi Peace Concert

AngamiKrotho Delhi, organized a peace concert with the theme “Peace & Unity” in the state capital Delhi during March 2014. The peace concert was part of the Silver Jubilee celebration of the AKD.

The main motive of the event was to convey a message of peace and unity among the Naga’s and other individuals from the Northeast to the people of Delhi through music.

Several artists from the Northeast region were presented in the festivities, like the legendary singer Methaneilie Jütakhrie performed with his band, Vinienuoe Sekhose, BK rapper from Tripura and DJ Ina from Nagaland. Event Stars from Talent source management and The Red Light Passengers from Manipur also performed at the concert.

Each performance revisited the concert message of peace and brotherhood. According to the artists, music is one of the biggest tools that can bring change in the society.

A large crowd turned up for the event. The artists from Northeast are gaining popularity, and while performing great music, in the process, also bridging the gap between the region and the rest of the country.

Fun with a cause.. A good one!

‘They’ll call me freedom’ : by Red Light Passengers Band

‘Honey I’m home’ by Event Star at AKD Peace Concert

Thotreimung Muviah from Red Light Passengers performs at AKD Peace Concert

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