If walls could talk…

Nothing I’ve ever seen is that old.  It’s older than what I can wrap my mind around and older to imagine, but I know it was…

The Neemrana fort is living, breathing proof of the ancient civilizations that lived in Rajasthan a long, long time ago.  The thick stone walls, the old paintings in the stone, the big wooden doors with chains meant to kept enemies out and the embrasures used for battle.

Neemrana fort was built in 1464 and stood empty for a long time before two random strangers came around, fell in love with the possibilities the structure offered and brought it.  Several years later, one cannot tell the difference between the new and old parts.  It’s an interwoven structure filled with curving steps, small passageways and the concept of restoration for re-use.  Today, Neemrana fort is a palace with 65 rooms, all a little bit of magic. Each room carrying its own theme.

I had the opportunity to sleep in a part of the original fort, and even thought it had filter coffee, a wonderful shower and a view to die for – it was a quiet piece of history.

Perhaps the magic in it is, that it’s a reminded of simpler times and of what can be accomplished when one puts one’s mind to it.

Miraculous source of water – Rani ki Baoli, Neemrana

Neemrana Fort: India’s oldest heritage resort

Heavy wooden door of 15th century in Neemrana Fort-Palace

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