Wilderness Films India owns the world’s largest archive of factual content from South Asia, with video and stills that span a wide gamut of subject areas with experience in the field of filming, producing and support services spanning over 25 years.  We are the largest factual content production house in India, manage the largest stock footage archive in the region and also offer support for international productions in India and South Asia.

Our facilities consists of  90 broadcast camera units in-house, 20 in-house editing units, 50 full-time and 50 freelance staff and a capacity for up to a dozen professional field crews. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year backed up with roaming cell phones or sat-phones.

Support services consists of vehicles and VTR’s of all formats (PAL and NTSC), tape stock, producers, directors, an in-house travel agent (for all air and ground transportation, even helicopter charters), satellite up-link – which compasses all services offered in all the areas of production.

We have the largest international production coordination and locations network in south Asia, and can provide camera units, crews, ground support and coordination, as per your requirements.

Amongst our archive of factual content footage features a journey on Mount Everest for an entire four month period, as well as multiple hours of footage from every corner of the Himalaya’s gathered over the past two decades

Wilderness Films India currently has a Youtube channel which showcases some our footage and is easy accessible to the larger Indian population, researchers, producers searching for stock footage and educational purposes.  Our footage covers a wide range of subjects which include history, culture, art, adventure, dance, festivals, music, arts, tribes, wildlife and much more.

We are the 23th biggest travel channel on Youtube at the moment, with nearly 60 million page views. Aiming to grow our audience everyday!


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